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This yin yang symbol represents content marketing versus SEO working together for website traffic.

Content Marketing Versus SEO. Which Drives More Traffic?

If you were betting on content marketing versus search engine optimization (SEO) winning the race for website traffic, which would one would you pick? You might ask yourself which one drives more traffic.  Or you could think I’m asking you a trick question. Content marketing and SEO work hand in

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Presenting the tools to help you fix B2B content marketing mistakes

5 B2B Content Marketing Mistakes and Fixes

Even the sharpest and best marketers make B2B content marketing mistakes. I’m breaking down some of the most common ones. And I included easy fixes to help you get your content back on track. I want you to go back in time with me. Remember when you were starting your

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Symbol for hyperbole: Image of an owl's wise eyes telling you not to use hyperbolic puffery.

The Most Important Blog Post You’ll Ever Read

I want to discuss the most important subject to arise in the history of Western society. Naturally, I know of what I speak. I’m the foremost and most highly trained expert on the issue. I have knowledge and insights unmatched by anyone on the globe. Don’t fail to heed my

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2023 drawn in the sand represents 2023 digital marketing trends.

5 B2B Digital Marketing Trends for 2023

B2B digital marketing trends will shift in 2023. Brands that keep up will thrive next year and beyond.So, which trends will be the drivers of change for digital marketing in 2023? Let’s take a look at my top five B2B digital marketing trends… 1. Digital-first experiences will (still) rule B2B

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Social media icons reflect brand marketing tips

Social Media Brand Marketing Tips for Executives

One of the best brand marketing tips for executives is to be active on social media. It’s among the most powerful marketing tools. And yet, many executives don’t take the time. Set it and forget it, right? Social media can help you expand your network, increase referrals and attract business.

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Does Your Website Have a Good Conversion Rate?

Do you want to improve lead generation on your company’s website? If that’s one of your goals, look at your website’s conversion rate. This metric refers to the percentage of website visitors who complete a specific goal. The two types of website conversions are: Micro-conversions A micro-conversion is when you

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Test Your Grammar IQ

Who doesn’t relish a challenge, especially when it comes to dependent clauses, parallelism and collective nouns? OK, so that’s a stretch, but go with it. Find the errors in the sentences below and I’ll send you a fabulous prize. Not really, but what have you got to lose? Neither an

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Binoculars represent finding subject experts for content marketing interviews

Content Marketing Interviews: 14 Ways to Find Expert Sources

Having trouble finding subject experts for your content marketing interviews? It can be challenging if you don’t know where to start. Interviews require time and resources, but the effort is worth it. It will help you create valuable content that your audience will benefit from and share.  By interviewing experts,

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