About Us

Chicago, 1981.
That’s where The Simons Group’s story begins. Before content was ever crowned king, we built our reputation on the philosophy that great marketing is defined by flawlessly crafted messaging. We believe that when the words are perfect, the design follows suit, and the message moves the audience to action.

Our emphasis on quality content was an instant differentiator in our early days. In the digital age of short sound bites, solid content has become an absolute novelty. Don’t get us wrong – we make pretty things, too. We build websites, manage digital marketing, create video testimonials, and offer a complete spectrum of marketing tools. But nothing we touch leaves our hands without the stamp of an accurate and memorable message.

Chicago, today.
We understand that project teams are not one-size-fits all. That is why we decided to become a virtual agency. We are a group of 25-plus on-demand creative and technical professionals who work in the Chicago area and across the U.S. Our unique model allows us to build and scale teams based on best fit – not just availability. Our core client, editorial and project management teams are located in Chicago, so we can meet with you one-on-one.

For communications that hit the mark, the clear choice is The Simons Group.

Case Studies

Established organizations work with established agencies. We are fortunate to have earned the trust of industry leaders across the board, from manufacturing to health care to finance and law. Browse our case studies to see some of The Simons Group’s strongest work.

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Digital marketing certainly has its place, but traditional print communications still remain relevant in their own right. With roots in traditional marketing, The Simons Group is light years ahead of agencies that specialize in digital alone.

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Best practices in marketing are constantly evolving, and our ability to adapt has been key to our longevity. In addition to our traditional services, we produce a wide range of digital marketing content. The Simons Group can develop your website, content strategy, blog articles, email newsletters and more.

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Looking to join a stable organization that is committed to producing quality work, and that provides a unique mix of teamwork and autonomy? We’re always searching for experienced, self-motivated creatives to add to our virtual on-demand team.

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