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Marketing for Your Premium Construction Brand

When it comes to marketing for construction, content is key. You must showcase customer satisfaction. You must also highlight your people, company stability, financial strength and diversity. Promoting your company’s value over price is key. Staying top of mind can gain new clients and attract the best and brightest talent.

Competition for construction projects is at an all-time high. Your company must promote its value to stay on top – and charge top dollar.

Promoting your company’s value is the most important benefit you can offer your audience. It’s key to getting noticed and winning RFP bids.

You might have a modern content marketing strategy. Are you struggling to execute it? Not sure where to start?

Our in-the-trenches content team is here to help you move forward with confidence. 

Build value and expertise

Branding is all about perception. Does your messaging command a higher price point? Does it make prospects curious about what you do better than the competition? Do you focus on the solutions that others don’t offer? Does your content inspire action?

If you answered no to any of these questions, it’s time to take a different look at branding and messaging. You won’t get results by focusing on price.

Deliver content that shows how you solve customers’ problems. Let them see the improvements they gain as a result. When you’re the expert, clients will seek you out and pay more for your services.

Consistency pays

Brand consistency is so important, from tone of voice to the personality you want to portray with your content and graphics. All of the marketing for your construction brand should share the same contextual and visual tone. This creates a brand that’s instantly recognized and relatable. When you’re consistent, you’re more likely to get noticed and remembered.

Focus on your people

Labor is the front line of your construction business. How do you attract the highest-quality workers from the shrinking talent pool? Can you overcome the perception that the construction industry is behind the times? Executing your strategic and established content strategy is key. Your content must highlight your team’s innovative approaches and thinking. You must also show how you promote employee development so that you can engage and connect with top candidates.

Do these problems sound familiar?

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Sending mixed messages


Create consistent messaging and branding in all online and print communications


Losing RFP bids based on price


Make your company stand out by showing the value you bring your clients


Staying top of mind with customers


Become a go-to resource with content by positioning your company as an expert


Failing to execute your marketing strategy because your team spends so much time on RFPs


Access our on-demand team of content, brand and digital specialists


Shortage of skilled workers


Highlight your people in your internal and external content. Showcase your team’s innovation and culture.

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77% of companies say they have a content marketing strategy.

– SEMrush