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Content: The Heart of Your Healthcare Brand

Content marketing is the heart of a winning healthcare marketing strategy. It’s your voice, your brand and your identity. It’s the lifeblood of your content marketing efforts.

But writing content for content’s sake isn’t enough. If you want your content to connect and convert, it needs to be done the right way.

Keeping up with healthcare marketing is a challenge. You need to showcase your value and establish your company as an expert in an industry overrun with experts. It requires balancing your time, budget, patient, practitioner and administrator needs. And let’s not forget about compliance.

Your content must mean something, whether it answers a question or solves a pressing problem.

You already have a robust content marketing strategy. But with so many competing priorities, your team is struggling to execute. Not sure where to start?

Gain access to our content-first team. We’ll make sure your content meets your buyers’ needs.

Share expertise and build trust

Your content marketing should focus on creating and sharing valuable, relevant and consistent content. It shouldn’t be used explicitly to promote your healthcare brand.  

Think about what interests prospects and customers – not you. Focus your content on these interests. Show how you solve their problems. Your content should help your audience see the improvements your healthcare brand can make on a personal and professional level.

Nurture human relationships

You’ve managed to catch your audience’s interest. But now, you face a long sales cycle or your customers checking out your competition. 

You must work hard to maintain your prospects’ and customers’ loyalty.

To keep their attention, use people-focused storytelling. It will help you humanize dry medical science, data and technical details.

Keep your people in the know

Recruiting and retaining employees is one of the biggest challenges your healthcare brand faces.  

Whether you’re a medical device manufacturer, a hospital administrator or a healthcare technology company, today’s patients and hospital networks need what your employees help design, market and sell.

Your employees take care of your customers. Keep them in the know with well-informed content, including compliance and regulation updates, and they’ll be even better-equipped to care for your customers.

When your employees are happy, it’s easier to attract and retain talent.

Do these problems sound familiar?

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Subject experts don’t have time to create content

Make the most of their time with targeted interviews


Subject experts want to write, but their style is too technical


Ghostwrite or edit their content 


Staying top of mind with customers


Become a go-to healthcare resource with content that positions your brand as an expert 


Failing to execute your marketing strategy because your team is stretched thin


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Shortage of skilled workers


Highlight your people in your content. Showcase your innovation and culture.

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70% of healthcare marketing executives say their organizations have a content marketing strategy.

– MarketingProfs