The most important blog post you will ever read

dangers of hyperbole

Today, I want to discuss the most important and consequential subject to arise in the history of Western civilization. I know of what I speak, because I am the foremost and most highly trained expert on the issue, with knowledge and insights unmatched by anyone, anywhere on the globe. If you fail to heed my […]

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When to send case studies to prospects

using case studies

Case studies can engage prospects as you work toward converting them to active clients. When’s the ideal time to deploy them? Read on for the benefits to sharing your case studies at different points in the sales cycle. At the beginning Case studies are an excellent tool for introducing yourself to prospective customers. They offer […]

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4 tips for getting the most from subject matter experts

subject matter experts

When you’re writing marketing content, the chance to gather input from a subject matter expert is a golden opportunity. An expert brings vital depth to your content and provides a unique viewpoint. Subject matter experts can be product managers, senior salespeople or researchers – any authority with a thorough understanding of a particular topic. Speaking […]

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Why B2B companies are investing in content marketing

b2b content marketing

Landing new business has long centered on finding effective ways to get a product or service in front of potential customers. In our digital-centric world, much of that effort has moved online, displacing old-school outbound techniques, such as cold calling and direct mail. Instead, B2B marketing departments are increasingly using digital methods to generate and […]

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