Is your manufacturing brand making these common marketing mistakes?

marketing manufacturing companies

Industrial manufacturers might not have the advertising allure of consumer brands, but they still need a cohesive marketing strategy to compete for customers. While most manufacturing leaders understand the importance of marketing, some industry giants are plagued by mistakes and misconceptions. Don’t let these shortcomings bring your success to a grinding halt: Thinking your brand […]

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Feeling stuck? 6 expert tips to spark your creativity

spark your creativity

No matter which area of marketing is your expertise, you’re bound to feel mentally “stuck” at some point. Marketers, website designers and copywriters are equally susceptible to creative dry spells. Check out these six expert tips on how to spark your creativity – one just might be your savior next time you’re struggling to produce […]

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6 foolproof tips for attracting and keeping customers

excellent customer service

Have you ever called a service-based business only to be treated like you’re patient zero in a zombie apocalypse? Imagine dialing We Pass the White Glove Test Housecleaning Co. and having this conversation: [Phone rings five times]: “Yeah?” “Is this Save My Dump Housecleaning?” “Yeah.” “I need help with spring cleaning. Do you offer this […]

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Copywriting versus content writing: what’s the difference?

With the emergence of content marketing, savvy business owners, executives and marketing directors know they need quality writing to help drive their marketing efforts. What many of them don’t realize, however, is that there are different types of marketing writing. Copywriting and content writing are not synonymous. They frequently cross paths, but the goals in […]

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Zap flab from your marketing and win more readers

Let’s face it: Most of us could stand to lose 10 pounds. We eat salad for lunch, give up junk food and re-up our gym membership. We resign ourselves to fewer calories and more exercise. We sweat. And sweat some more. Our muscles protest in agony, but we keep going. Fast-food commercials taunt us, but […]

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3 steps for effective selling

The traditional and incorrect view of the sales process as an underhanded, manipulative set of techniques for cajoling a prospect into spending too much money is outdated, with many thought leaders making only a general suggestion for salespeople to act like consultants. I think this suggestion is a little too general. Instead, an actionable goal […]

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