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What to Do When You Need Content Marketing Inspiration

What to Do When You Need Content Marketing Inspiration

An empty page represents being out of content marketing inspiration.

When you’re out of content marketing inspiration and the well is dry, it’s a struggle to get out of that rut. You might explore topic ideas only to find that other creators have covered them. That happened to me recently. My next move was to tap ChatGPT and Unfortunately, the chatbots didn’t suggest anything new.

Here’s a sampling from ChatGPT:

  • Create a case study that highlights how your product or service helped a client achieve their goals
  • Develop webinars that offer insights and solutions to common challenges
  • Write a blog post that details a trending topic in your industry

So much for content marketing inspiration. What now? I’ll share a couple of ideas that have worked for me. That doesn’t mean they’ll be effective for you. Experiment and enjoy the process.

Get away from your devices

Turn off the computer. And stop mindlessly scrolling on your phone. I know what you’re thinking. My suggestion is worth as much as free advice costs. But you wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t stuck. And logging off can help, even if it’s for 30 minutes to one hour. When you’re tired, stressed or distracted, willing ideas to come while staring at a screen is fruitless. Try these things instead:

1. Go for a walk.

Taking a walk can clear your head, especially during nice weather. Many of my neighbors have beautiful and unusual trees and gardens that I enjoy. There’s also a cat or two hanging around that like to say hello. Avoid making the walk an “assignment.” Enjoy it for what it is – being out in nature. I like to stop at a walking meditation path along my route. It helps ground me and makes me feel a little less stressed. In that relaxed state, I’m more likely to find content marketing inspiration than if I’m anxious and staring at a screen.

2. Chat with a friend.

I recently reconnected with a friend I hadn’t spoken with in years. He’s a content creator in a similar field. While we’ve been catching up, he unknowingly inspired me to write a blog post and incorporate a story he shared with me into another post. I didn’t ask him for suggestions or tell him I was feeling stuck. The ideas came from random conversation. Your friend doesn’t have to be a content marketer. In fact, it’s probably better if the person does something else for a living. Hearing other people’s stories and experiences can spark inspo when you least expect it.

3. Meet new people.

Put yourself out there. Check out groups and events that interest you. If you’re an introvert, it can be difficult to step outside your comfort zone. But you never know what it could lead to if you don’t try. Once every month or so, I go to events with people who share some of my interests. They come from all backgrounds. I’m slowly getting to know one or two of them a little better, and enjoy talking with them about a wide variety of topics. I don’t get together with them for content marketing inspiration. But after being on lockdown for nearly three years, creativity can be hard to come by. Being exposed to new people will give you a chance to learn new things, gain new experiences and enrich your life in ways that can carry through to your work.

4. Work puzzles.

I rarely have the time for puzzles, but when I do, I find them highly addicting and enjoyable. I’m talking about the old-school 500-piece jigsaw kind. You might be wondering how in #$@! puzzles are going to give you content marketing inspiration. The point is to have fun and get you thinking about something other than the 200 blog post topics you must generate for your six-month content marketing calendar. Working puzzles can improve your mood and help you focus. If you don’t like jigsaw puzzles, try word games, sudoku or crossword puzzles.

5. Meditate – even for a few minutes.

Meditation isn’t for everyone, but it’s a great way to relax and calm a busy, harried mind. Start with five or 10 minutes a day. You don’t need to commit to an hour. The benefits of meditation include stress reduction, reduced blood pressure and sleep improvement, according to the Mayo Clinic. You don’t need a meditation app, but you might find it helpful. I prefer Insight Timer. It’s free and available on iOS and Android. I also like Calm, but didn’t want to pay for a subscription after the seven-day free trial.

6. Try aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy – using essential oils to promote well-being – can provide similar benefits as meditation.  In one study, aromatherapy helped heart disease patients by reducing their anxiety, stabilizing their blood pressure and helping them get more sleep. To get started, you’ll need a diffuser and oil. If you’re willing to spend about $25, you can get a water-based nebulizing diffuser. I’m not wild about mine, so I recently upgraded to a waterless model and love it. However, the price point is $50-$75 for it. Essential oils vary widely in price. The higher the quality, the more expensive they are. In particular, I love anything that says Pacific West forest, like MOJO from CandaScent Labs.

7. Listen to music.

Finding content marketing inspiration is tough when you’re not “feeling” it. Listening to my favorite music can help me get in the groove. If you’re not a music lover, of course, this won’t work. Try playing something quietly in the background, such as ambient music or chill study beats. You don’t want it to be distracting while you’re brainstorming topics. If low-key music isn’t your jam, go ahead and experiment with your preferred genre. If the ideas flow, rinse and repeat.

8. Declutter for 15 minutes.

A quick cleanup will clear the clutter from your space and your mind. When my environment’s a mess, I can’t focus. A former co-worker used to keep mounds of papers, notes and books all over his desk. You couldn’t even see his computer. How he functioned is beyond me. Then again, he only used his index fingers to type on a keyboard. You don’t need to do heavy-duty cleaning to get the benefits from having a tidy space. Set a timer and go to it!

Still feeling stuck?

Even the most seasoned creators experience roadblocks. Sometimes, the creativity won’t flow, no matter what you do. Give yourself permission to take a break and do something fun. Taking your mind off the problem may be exactly what you need.