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Creating a "value-based" patient care brand

MorCare formed as part of a reorganization of Morrisey Associates, Inc. (now a HealthStream Company). MorCare is a trusted enterprise software solution provider. The company helps healthcare organizations manage the transition to value-based care while improving patient outcomes, satisfaction and safety. When MorCare formed, it already had an aggressive growth strategy in place, but needed assistance standing out as a new brand in a highly competitive market.



MorCare had interim and long-term marketing strategies, but needed a partner to deploy them.


The company needed to spin off product lines from Morrisey and create a new identity quickly.


MorCare wanted a marketing partner that understood a fast-changing industry and relevant regulation and compliance issues.


We already had an intimate understanding of MorCare's target market.

We leveraged that knowledge and took MorCare through accelerated messaging and branding exercises. The exercises included performing deep dive leadership interviews to get to the heart of the brand.

We used this information to deploy MorCare’s interim launch marketing plan. This included identity development, a microsite and targeted communications that appealed to new and existing customers.

Once the interim plan launched successfully, we got to work on a long-term marketing plan. This included a content-first website build with search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) strategies. We also created a full suite of digital and print marketing.


Because MorCare was a new company with a new URL, we started SEO from scratch. We performed in-depth keyword research and on-page optimization.


Within three months, MorCare’s top five keywords ranked in the first 20 Google Search results. After SEO optimization for another six months, four of the company’s five high-value keywords ranked in the top 10 – the coveted first page of Google Search results.



We launched an interim marketing plan in less than two months and a long-term plan within six months.


We introduced MorCare to new customers and maintained relationships with hundreds of hospitals, CVOs and managed care organizations.


After six months of content-first SEO, four of MorCare's five high-value keywords ranked in the top 10 – the coveted first page – of Google Search results.

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