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A picture of an AI hand represents potential copyright challenges with generative AI platforms.

Generative AI and Copyright: Legal Concerns for Businesses

Generative artificial intelligence (AI), such as ChatGPT and Bard, may be angst-inducing for some people. The speed at which the technology is advancing and “learning” is key. More than one person has imagined machines turning on their creators. Businesses that use and create content have more immediate and less dystopian

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Writing Is a Lifelong Journey

Songwriters scribble bits of lyrics or notes on paper and file the scraps away in the hopes they’ll be able to craft a complete song some day. Novelists complete the first chapter of their newest books and run dry. Journalists experience writer’s block and can’t get past their first paragraphs.

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Presenting the tools to help you fix B2B content marketing mistakes

5 B2B Content Marketing Mistakes and Fixes

Even the sharpest and best marketers make B2B content marketing mistakes. I’m breaking down some of the most common ones. And I included easy fixes to help you get your content back on track. I want you to go back in time with me. Remember when you were starting your

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2023 drawn in the sand represents 2023 digital marketing trends.

5 B2B Digital Marketing Trends for 2023

B2B digital marketing trends will shift in 2023. Brands that keep up will thrive next year and beyond.So, which trends will be the drivers of change for digital marketing in 2023? Let’s take a look at my top five B2B digital marketing trends… 1. Digital-first experiences will (still) rule B2B

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Test Your Grammar IQ

Who doesn’t relish a challenge, especially when it comes to dependent clauses, parallelism and collective nouns? OK, so that’s a stretch, but go with it. Find the errors in the sentences below and I’ll send you a fabulous prize. Not really, but what have you got to lose? Neither an

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Writers follow style guides as the standard in content marketing

Style Guides Set the Standard in Content Marketing

To set the standard in content marketing at your business, it’s important to make sure writers are aligned. Their copy should follow agreed-upon rules. For example: Is it “don’t” or “do not”; “can’t” or “cannot”? Can a subhead be a question? Is the hyphen necessary in “non-essential”? What’s the plural

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To Accomplish More, Lead With Kindness

Growing up, the only business role model I had was my dad. He was charismatic (when he needed to be). He was wildly successful. The problem was that he ruled his company with an iron fist. He led with fear, and people in his wake were often left shaking in

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Writing Tips: “Compared To” or “Compared With”?

Solving Off-Duty Grammar Riddles One of my marketing friends called me the other night with another grammar conundrum. It wouldn’t be the first time. I think he’s got me on speed dial. Other friends call to share entertaining news and highlights from their lives, but this one relies on me

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