Neglecting customers could cost you

Congratulations! You made the sale. That hard-earned client you’ve been wooing for years finally said yes. What’s your next move? You work on closing the next prospect on your list – and then the one after that and the one after that. Sound good? Here’s the problem: You’re working so hard to attract new business […]

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How to use questioning to suss out want

sales questioning methods

For maximum success, salespeople need to identify prospects who want what they’re selling. Once they convert, these prospects usually make the best customers, since people who buy things they want are typically the most satisfied. Salespeople can use two forms of questioning two identify these prospects: open- and closed-ended. Both are necessary for evaluating and […]

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5 Reasons technical site updates are important

important launch updates

You’ve spent the last six months working on your company’s new website, and it’s ready to launch. Hooray – your work is done! Not so fast … Websites need routine care and feeding to keep them secure and performing well. Technical site updates are key to avoiding surprises and problems after go-live. Read on to […]

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Zap flab from your marketing and win more readers

Let’s face it: Most of us could stand to lose 10 pounds. We eat salad for lunch, give up junk food and re-up our gym membership. We resign ourselves to fewer calories and more exercise. We sweat. And sweat some more. Our muscles protest in agony, but we keep going. Fast-food commercials taunt us, but […]

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2 tips for converting prospects into sales

sales communication tips

Prospects are more sophisticated than ever. Here are a few tips to make sure your sales communication works for converting prospects. Practice active listening Active listening is defined in relation to its counterpart, passive listening, which is waiting for your turn to talk. It’s obvious when it happens, and in a sales context it can […]

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Be a better financial writer: 4 ways to sharpen your financial game

Whether you’re a seasoned financial writer who wants to navigate nuanced topics or a general copy writer who wants to improve your depth of knowledge, continuing financial education is essential. If you want to land complex assignments and assure clients that you’re fluent in their language, check out these four ways to sharpen your game: […]

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10 reasons to appreciate a kick-ass editor

Everyone needs an outstanding editor. Even those writers who have years of experience and the skills to match need fresh eyes on their copy. Great editors find and question holes, ensure stories flow logically, make dull copy shine, trim flab, erase errors, and work with writers to help them improve. For many writers, the devil […]

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