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Are Your Content Marketing Efforts Moving Too Fast?

Are Your Content Marketing Efforts Moving Too Fast?

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We all want to go full speed ahead to meet our marketing and sales goals. But sometimes, we need to slow down and reexamine our content marketing efforts. We need to see whether we’re heading in the right direction. Are you: 

  • Taking time to reevaluate your strategy?
  • Reaching your target audience?
  • Getting the feedback (and results) you desire?

Is your content still ineffective? I have a few suggestions for tweaking your content marketing efforts to help you achieve maximum results.

Content should be valuable, not salesy

First, produce content with value in mind rather than sales. Too often, marketers develop content marketing to make a sale. They write promotional pieces that have a hard sell and little substance. While the purpose remains to convert readers to clients, you’ll get more form submissions with valuable content. Present your brand as a thought leader, and your audience will interact with your message more often.

Audience first, please

Once you find a content style that engages your audience, make sure you present your content marketing efforts the right way. In today’s tech-savvy world, the format makes a big difference. Study the devices or platforms your audience uses to connect to you. Simple changes like the right embedded links or enabling responsive design can open channels that you might have cut off without knowing it.

Keep measuring and refining

After spending hours of creative energy on a post or e-book, it can be easy to share it and forget it. Are you trying to avoid seeing the worst outcome? You don’t want to know that your  content doesn’t speak to your audience. Don’t be afraid to look at the cold, hard facts, so you can see what’s working and what you can improve. Use third-party measurement tools, such as Google Analytics, to make sure you and your content team have all the data you need to adjust and improve your content’s performance.