‘Are You a Warrior or a Wimp?’ Stepping up During a Crisis

Leadership Series Header Yonhee Gordon

Here, we feature Yonhee Gordon, principal and chief operating officer at JMG Financial Group, an independent, fee-only wealth management firm that serves clients from coast to coast. She oversees employee development and firm operations. Were you prepared for COVID-19 in terms of strategy and crisis communications? No one can ever be completely prepared for things […]

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Coronavirus: How to communicate with employees, customers and vendors

Ideally, your company communicates with employees, customers and vendors regularly – in good times and bad. Anytime there’s a natural disaster or extraordinary circumstances like the coronavirus pandemic, the temptation to circle the wagons, hunker down and wait out the crisis is great. While you’re sheltering in place, one of the most important things you […]

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5 pro tips to help your virtual team stay connected

Work Remotely

I’m writing this from home, with my dog, Mika, near me.  Why?  It’s not because of the COVID-19 scare.  It’s because The Simons Group doesn’t have an office. We all used to work in a downtown skyscraper. As time went on, our team members needed more flexibility and craved a better work-life balance. We listened […]

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Whoever said silence is golden didn’t work in customer service

Not answering the phone is bad customer service

One of my neighbors was grousing the other night about how he contacted four contractors to repair his gutters and none returned his calls. I feel his pain. When searching for photographers, sign companies, printers and other vendors, it surprises me how many businesses aren’t responsive. It’s new work and potentially a long-term partnership (more […]

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Robots…They’re Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!

Evil robots are going to steal our marketing jobs soon. No, wait … Our jobs are safe because robots can’t do everything. Which is true? It’s unclear. Whether the next 10 years will look like “The Terminator,” “2001: A Space Odyssey” or a less-terrifying “Choose Your Own Adventure” is anyone’s guess. Some marketers (who may […]

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Manufacturers compete for workers in a hot economy

For the first time since 1997, U.S. manufacturers are optimistic about the industry and their business growth prospects. They expect increases in hiring, sales, production and wages, among other areas, according to a recent survey from the National Association of Manufacturers. Among the 568 respondents, 95 percent registered a positive outlook for their companies – […]

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U.S. corrugated box industry outlook: Modest growth for near future

The U.S. corrugated box industry will see modest growth through at least the first half of 2019, partially fueled by the popularity of online retailing, two manufacturers say. Dave Saraney, a regional sales manager for Jamestown Container Companies, based in Jamestown, New York, anticipates sales will grow up to 3 percent over the next 12 […]

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Neglecting customers could cost you

Congratulations! You made the sale. That hard-earned client you’ve been wooing for years finally said yes. What’s your next move? You work on closing the next prospect on your list – and then the one after that and the one after that. Sound good? Here’s the problem: You’re working so hard to attract new business […]

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