3 marketing strategies for making your health care SaaS startup get the attention it deserves

health care marketing

It doesn’t take flashing neon “Look at me, look at me!” signs to make your startup health care software as a service (SaaS) firm stand out in a crowded market. You can gain momentum with three tried-and-true marketing strategies: Provide targeted solutions. Health care executives don’t buy products – they buy solutions for specific problems. […]

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The 4 marketing investments every B2B company should make

B2B marketing strategy

It’s that time of year again. With a new year on the horizon, businesses are setting sales goals and solidifying their budgets for pursuing said objectives. Oftentimes, leaders of business-to-business (B2B) companies have difficulty differentiating the many marketing tactics out there. While I would never claim there to be a one-size-fits-all plan, I can say […]

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Feeling stuck? 6 expert tips to spark your creativity

spark your creativity

No matter which area of marketing is your expertise, you’re bound to feel mentally “stuck” at some point. Marketers, website designers and copywriters are equally susceptible to creative dry spells. Check out these six expert tips on how to spark your creativity – one just might be your savior next time you’re struggling to produce […]

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Track these 3 email marketing metrics

Analytics are an important tool in email marketing because they reveal how effective your campaigns are. While it’s easy for me to say that a heavy investment in marketing will yield more revenue for your company, analytics are the data-driven proof. And if things go wrong, analytics can help you determine what didn’t work. For […]

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5 tips to sell your big ideas to the bigwigs

When a big idea hits, getting the go-ahead from management can make the difference between a career-defining project and the recycling bin. No one wants to work hard to set up a new marketing project only to have management hit the brakes before it takes off. Here’s some advice on how to sell your ideas […]

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Plant some evergreens in your marketing landscape

Oktoberfest is over. Leaves have begun to fall. We’re preparing for the end of another year – and ramping up to our busiest season. As we deal with expiring budgets, rush projects and holiday travel schedules, creating content for regularly scheduled marketing pieces can get pushed to the back burner. With a little bit of planning, […]

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‘Brief’ breaks help you stay on target

Businesses today face constant pressure to keep up with the pace of their customers and competition, so it’s no surprise when a big project gets squeezed into a too-tight timeline. Even with compressed schedules and the temptation to find shortcuts, marketing teams have to be sure not to skip important project management steps like developing […]

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Create a killer ad campaign and make your business irresistible with this 7-step formula

In any business, ads are important for brand awareness, engagement and survival. Even with a small adverting budget, you can maximize your customer reach by reinforcing your message. The key is to repeat the overall theme or tag line throughout your marketing program. The more you repeat your advertising message, the stronger it becomes – […]

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