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Leydig, Voit & Mayer

In a highly competitive field, it’s the people who elevate your brand

Leydig, Voit & Mayer is a premier boutique law firm that thrives on tackling the toughest intellectual property (IP) cases. The international firm represents clients in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical and manufacturing industries, among others. Facing competition from so many other IP firms, Leydig’s pharmaceutical practice group wanted to show it could stand out from large firms – and rise above them.




Large law firms have in-house teams that focus on marketing, branding and business development. Small firms may not have these dedicated resources.


Attorneys don’t have the time or objectivity to showcase a practice group’s collective and individual capabilities in a relatable way.


Meaningful connections and conversations with prospective clients are more likely to occur when attorneys reveal their authentic personalities. It’s not always clear how to do that while maintaining a cohesive brand image.


Our longstanding marketing relationship with Leydig spans more than two decades.

When the pharmaceutical practice group’s co-chair needed help creating a business development pitch book for the 17-member group, the co-chair immediately thought of us. The pitch book we produced made such a great impression, the attorneys updated their bios on Leydig’s website and their LinkedIn profiles to match the content we created.

Leydig’s pharmaceutical practice group tried creating a pitch book in-house, but the project was more of a challenge than the attorneys were prepared for. Pitch books are an important part of marketing and sales, and Leydig’s lawyers knew they had to elevate their presentation to compete effectively against larger firms.

The practice sought our help to develop a polished and professional pitch book. We wrote new content to focus on the group’s strengths and capabilities and added client success stories as proof points. The attorneys also accepted our recommendation to bring out their personalities in their pitch book bios. Authenticity fosters trust and helps set the attorneys apart from competitors who may come across as more corporate or impersonal. While helping the practice group shine, we maintained a cohesive brand image through the written content and the pitch book design that we created.



The practice group got exactly what it sought – elevated content and design – for a personalized and impressive presentation.


The attorneys got more mileage from working with us by using their bios from the pitch book to update their website and LinkedIn profiles.


Prospective clients can form closer connections with the attorneys because they shared their personalities.

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