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It’s not just about writing a white paper or an article; it’s understanding the big picture

DHR Global is an executive search and leadership consulting firm that has about 165 partners, offices in 22 countries and expertise in more than 20 industries and functional areas. The partners share their expertise and thought leadership through white papers, articles and other cornerstone content. They rely on ghostwriters to produce content at scale quickly.



Sourcing and managing multiple freelance writers who have varying interviewing and writing skills to meet content production goals is onerous. Junior writers require more attention, editing and support than time allows.


Producing top-quality content consistently that meets evolving and exacting brand standards on tight deadlines is difficult with untested talent. Partners in a global firm expect it to be “right” the first time.


Finding writers who understand the bigger marketing picture and how to execute it versus writing content to complete an assignment isn’t easy.


When DHR sought our help, the firm was in the middle of a significant rebranding initiative. Our team participated in high-level discussions to understand where DHR’s brand began, how it was evolving and where it was headed. We also learned about the firm’s marketing goals. Having this background helped us align our content to DHR’s vision and strategy throughout the process. We didn’t look at partner content as a checkbox. Instead, we embraced the big picture.

In the past, DHR had relied on a slate of freelance writers to interview partners and ghostwrite long-form content for them, including industry-specific white papers and articles. Relying on multiple writers could lead to inconsistencies and significant editing. In addition, the freelancers generally viewed ghostwriting as individual assignments rather than considering how they could help meet DHR’s long-term marketing goals.

DHR was immediately impressed with the quality of our ghostwriting, the speed at which we delivered it and how easy it was to work with our senior-level team. We understood the firm’s goals, the subject matter and how to package content for repurposing. DHR was able to share the content on multiple platforms, increasing engagement and getting more mileage for its investment.

As another benefit, we had the expertise to adjust our approach to partner content as DHR rebranded. Initially, the firm’s tone and voice was very traditional. DHR became more casual and conversational, so we made sure our content aligned with the new brand. We also provided graphic design for DHR’s marketing content.



Partners increased their visibility and drove engagement with high-quality content.


DHR made the most of its investment by repurposing content across platforms.


Time saved with minimal editing allowed the chief marketing officer to focus on strategic activities.

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