How to craft a great website CTA


For any marketer that wants to drive growth and revenue, it’s essential to generate and convert website leads. This is often easier said than done, however. Sixty-three percent of marketers report their biggest challenge is generating online traffic and leads, according to HubSpot. Many factors play into converting website visitors, including content quality, site design, […]

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3 quick and easy fixes for your lead generation

lead generation tips

The No. 1 question from many clients is, “How can we use our website to generate new leads for our company?” Lead generation is one of the hottest topics when it comes to online marketing. Companies spend thousands of dollars building their websites, developing content and driving traffic to their online presence. Measuring how these […]

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Getting smart with sales (hint: you need marketing)

marketing investment

Many companies favor sales over marketing. Why? Sales departments are responsible for generating revenue, so it can seem natural to invest in the sales team to maximize sales opportunities. It seems like a large sales team should be able to interact with more prospects and ultimately close more deals. The reality, however, is that salespeople […]

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When to send case studies to prospects

using case studies

Case studies can engage prospects as you work toward converting them to active clients. When’s the ideal time to deploy them? Read on for the benefits to sharing your case studies at different points in the sales cycle. At the beginning Case studies are an excellent tool for introducing yourself to prospective customers. They offer […]

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How to get the most out of your follow-up email

I’ve found myself making a lot of calls recently and that means making sure to follow up with my contacts if I don’t hear back from them, need more information or want to thank them for their time. Follow-up emails have become my lifeline and I simply couldn’t function without being able to rely on […]

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3 keys to selling your big idea

Last year, we discussed the importance of shaping your environment to foster innovative thinking. But what do you do once you’ve struck idea gold? You can get exposure to peer leaders at local entrepreneurial tech hub 1871 and other “co-working spaces,” where small businesses and freelancers share office space to cut overhead costs and encourage […]

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How to build your brand in an uncertain economy

Many businesses are still recovering from the recession in 2008. It’s been a roller coaster of uncertainty. Revenue is down and costs are high at your organization, yet other companies are doing well. So what are they doing differently? While you’re looking inward and spending as little as possible, your competitors are investing in new […]

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