5 ways to get publicity for your business

PR campaign

Public relations (PR) can be a powerful tool for any company that is trying to compete in industries that are dominated by large competitors. An effective PR campaign can elevate your company’s profile in the local business community, increase demand for your products and generate new leads for your business. With small marketing budgets, however, […]

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10 reasons to appreciate a kick-ass editor

Everyone needs an outstanding editor. Even those writers who have years of experience and the skills to match need fresh eyes on their copy. Great editors find and question holes, ensure stories flow logically, make dull copy shine, trim flab, erase errors, and work with writers to help them improve. For many writers, the devil […]

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An insider’s guide to getting media coverage: Part one

Some things haven’t changed since I was a reporter. News staffs are stretched thinner than Demi Moore after her breakup with Ashton. And they’re still inundated with requests for publicity. Hundreds of press releases, story pitches, emails and phone calls cross their desks every day. Break through the clutter and get coverage for your business […]

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