Marketing hacks: A cheat sheet from an open mic

open mic marketing

Raise your hand if you like public speaking. I thought so. Almost no one volunteers for that. Next, picture yourself singing at an open mic. Not. Gonna. Happen. The very idea gives many people heart palpitations. As a singer, you’ve got to put on your grown-up pants and pretend you don’t mind the loud-mouthed drunk […]

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Unfunny like a clown: The power and pitfalls of humorous marketing content

humor in marketing

I’m a certified coulrophobic – one of those people who are terrified of clowns, and not just the kind born in Stephen King’s dark imagination. This has been so ever since Chicago’s 1972 St. Patrick’s Day parade, when a cute 3-year-old spectator was lifted off his father’s shoulders and deposited into the outstretched arms of […]

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Feeling stuck? 6 expert tips to spark your creativity

spark your creativity

No matter which area of marketing is your expertise, you’re bound to feel mentally “stuck” at some point. Marketers, website designers and copywriters are equally susceptible to creative dry spells. Check out these six expert tips on how to spark your creativity – one just might be your savior next time you’re struggling to produce […]

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3 visualizations to bring clarity to your copywriting

Graphic designers might be the masters of all things aesthetic, but copywriters think visually, too. The images in our heads just manifest themselves as words, sentences and paragraphs, rather than colors, lines and typefaces. I grew up drawing, painting, and exploring all things creative. At one point, my family encouraged me to pursue visual art […]

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All right, people: Let’s talk turkey

It’s the end of November already, which means that Chicagoans are nearly ready for hibernation. Before we settle into our assorted layers of winter weatherproofing, however, we’ll warm ourselves with the gratitude, love and tradition that come with our annual turkey feast. Thanksgiving is a time of reflection; a time for us to look at […]

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How to brainstorm like a pro

At our office, we love a good brainstorming session. We’re all comfortable with one another and unafraid to speak our minds, no matter how silly our ideas may sound at the time. Whether we’re talking social media strategy or considering a new website design, we love bouncing ideas off one another. Here are some tips […]

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Get exceptional work from your creative team (it’s easy)

A friend who’s a math genius but struggles with putting sentences together once asked me how I write. I was tempted to say that it involves a mysterious, tantalizing process known only to those who possess special knowledge. Mere mortals are not worthy. The secret sauce is creativity. It’s the engine that drives many of […]

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