How to craft a great website CTA


For any marketer that wants to drive growth and revenue, it’s essential to generate and convert website leads. This is often easier said than done, however. Sixty-three percent of marketers report their biggest challenge is generating online traffic and leads, according to HubSpot. Many factors play into converting website visitors, including content quality, site design, […]

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3 quick and easy fixes for your lead generation

lead generation tips

The No. 1 question from many clients is, “How can we use our website to generate new leads for our company?” Lead generation is one of the hottest topics when it comes to online marketing. Companies spend thousands of dollars building their websites, developing content and driving traffic to their online presence. Measuring how these […]

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Coding: important + invisible

The unseen best practices in coding and why they matter. Design is all about the stuff you can see – the clean flow of information, the pretty pictures, the right choice of colors to inspire your audience. No way. Give me Times New Roman and #000 (black)/#fff (white) any day. So, this is probably why […]

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The biggest mistake you’re making in your website content

Here’s a quick test: Go to the home page of your website and read the first sentence or phrase. Does it start with “We”? If so, it’s time to change your perspective. Just like your eyes glaze over when your date drones on about his latest juice cleanse, a prospect will lose interest fast in […]

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Jump-start your company’s growth with SEO

Every company wants to be the first hit on Google. That sort of visibility helps open doors for new business and sets your firm apart from the competition. But marketing managers can’t just cross their fingers and hope for the best; even basic search engine optimization (SEO) involves a lot of strategy. SEO should leverage […]

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