An executive’s guide to using social media for personal branding

social media marketing

It’s no secret that social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools available today. Social media can help you expand your network, increase referrals and attract business. Senior executives, however, often struggle with using social media effectively because of time limitations and overbooked calendars. They avoid engaging on social media because they aren’t […]

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5 ways to get publicity for your business

PR campaign

Public relations (PR) can be a powerful tool for any company that is trying to compete in industries that are dominated by large competitors. An effective PR campaign can elevate your company’s profile in the local business community, increase demand for your products and generate new leads for your business. With small marketing budgets, however, […]

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How to get more mileage from your company news

press release

Online news wires are great for building brand equity. The look and feel of an official press release will always hold merit, and the journalistic nature of press release writing will challenge your team to convey company news – minus the marketing fluff. Press release distribution platforms are also catching up to the targeting and […]

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How to get the most out of your follow-up email

I’ve found myself making a lot of calls recently and that means making sure to follow up with my contacts if I don’t hear back from them, need more information or want to thank them for their time. Follow-up emails have become my lifeline and I simply couldn’t function without being able to rely on […]

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Breakthrough tips for your public relations

In any industry, there are days when everything goes your way and days when it seems a bit tougher to reach your goals. When those tough days hit, it’s good to have a few tricks up your sleeves to make sure public relations initiatives stay on track. Here are a few of the latest industry […]

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Don’t break these 3 PR commandments

Sometimes when I am networking or speaking to someone for the first time, they’re a little unsure about what the term “public relations” means. What does a successful PR campaign look like? My PR efforts vary from client to client – sometimes I’m securing speaking engagements at industry events, while other times I’m pitching a […]

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