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A pedestrian stop signal on a traffic light represents the B2B content killers that can prevent engagement.

Do You Know What’s Killing Your B2B Content?

When it comes to B2B content, we’ve all been there. You wrote what you thought was your best blog post or case study. Maybe you put the finishing touches on your new website. You were proud of your work. And then someone dumped all over it. The red sea of

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A bird on a tree stump represents how grammar can stymie everyone.

Are You ‘Continually’ Stumped ‘Continuously’?

Two simple adverbs trip me up every time. Whether I’m writing or editing content, I have to look them up: continually and continuously. They have such close meanings, but they’re not interchangeable. It seems I’m not alone, as I continually find incorrect usage in a variety of content. Do you

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Crack the Code of That Versus Which in Writing

One of the most common mistakes I see among new and veteran writers is using “that” and “which” incorrectly. Don’t feel bad if you don’t know when each is called for or why they’re not interchangeable. Grammar isn’t in everyone’s wheelhouse. Essential clauses The first step is to grasp essential

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Colored pencils represent sharpening up your grammar, punctuation and style prowess.

Sharpen Your Grammar, Style and Punctuation with These Resources

If you create business or marketing communications regularly, you’re probably a decent writer. But even great writers use grammar, style and punctuation guides. If your skills aren’t where they need to be, these references can help you improve your writing. If you’re thinking about leaning on GPT,, Grammarly or

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Writers follow style guides as the standard in content marketing

Style Guides Set the Standard in Content Marketing

To set the standard in content marketing at your business, it’s important to make sure writers are aligned. Their copy should follow agreed-upon rules. For example: Is it “don’t” or “do not”; “can’t” or “cannot”? Can a subhead be a question? Is the hyphen necessary in “non-essential”? What’s the plural

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