Is your manufacturing brand making these common marketing mistakes?

marketing manufacturing companies

Industrial manufacturers might not have the advertising allure of consumer brands, but they still need a cohesive marketing strategy to compete for customers. While most manufacturing leaders understand the importance of marketing, some industry giants are plagued by mistakes and misconceptions. Don’t let these shortcomings bring your success to a grinding halt: Thinking your brand […]

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Why learning to “right” ‘gorgeous’ sentences isn’t enough

learning grammar fundamentals

Students who can’t write complete sentences deserve a hall pass, according to teachers who were interviewed for an Aug. 2, 2017, article in The New York Times. “A Wakeup Call on Writing Instruction (Now, What’s an Adverb?)” suggests that learning grammar fundamentals stifles creativity. The Snapchat generation is woefully lacking in grammar basics. Three-quarters of […]

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Sales training will only take you so far

Conventional wisdom says that you need to brush up regularly to stay on top of your game, so I attend webinars once or twice a month in hopes of gaining or, at least, polishing a skill set. My most recent event had three speakers with expertise in various forms of increasing response rates. Two of […]

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Becoming an e-reader: What you want to know

In the years since they’ve been available, I’ve heard some pretty heated debates over the advantages and disadvantages of e-readers. It became such a divisive issue that I quickly placed it after politics and religion on the list of taboo party topics. For the most part, I favored the traditional format, citing the free marketplace […]

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Adventures in the wild, wild West (Side)

Have you taken a risk and were surprised by the outcome? Not anything crazy, but definitely an outside-your-wheelhouse moment? It takes a lot of nerve to be vulnerable and put yourself out there. Who knows what could happen? It feels scary, but even if something goes haywire, you will still wake up tomorrow. The sun […]

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