The biggest website mistake you don’t know you’re making (and the steps to fix it)

Your company’s new website launched three months ago and the CEO is ecstatic. Your clients love it, too. It’s mobile-friendly, segmented for specific audiences and features rich content that converts. There’s just one problem. You didn’t set conversion goals. Without conversion goals, you won’t know how people are interacting with your site and what actions […]

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No offense. Much taken.

offensive marketing campaigns

When it comes to marketing mistakes, internet justice is swift. The court of public opinion, comprised of hundreds of millions of jurors, is prepared at a moment’s notice to condemn, mock and shame any company that makes a catastrophic error in judgment. Even large corporations with sophisticated marketing programs and experienced professionals at the helm […]

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(Un)real marketing: How to be credible in an (un)credible world

credibility in marketing

Good news! Elvis is alive and well, a Nigerian prince really has your back and Suzie is going to reduce your credit card interest rate. Don’t get too excited though: IRS agents are coming for you. Face it – we live in an era when legitimacy is always in question. That’s why credibility in marketing […]

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4 tips for getting the most from subject matter experts

subject matter experts

When you’re writing marketing content, the chance to gather input from a subject matter expert is a golden opportunity. An expert brings vital depth to your content and provides a unique viewpoint. Subject matter experts can be product managers, senior salespeople or researchers – any authority with a thorough understanding of a particular topic. Speaking […]

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What my dog’s taught me about business

This is Mika and she means business! If you’ve kept up with my other posts, you’ve come across this little lady before. She is quite the little showstopper and gets attention wherever she goes. Mika recently turned 2 ½, which prompted me to reflect on how much she has changed my life for the better […]

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How to get the best work from your agency

Getting the best work from your agency and promotional efforts requires trust and time. Both sides need to communicate needs and goals and understand the give and take that is required to make a business partnership thrive. It’s a bit of a tightrope act — much like Nik Wallenda’s this past weekend — but successful […]

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What happens when spell-check can’t help (and what to do about it)

Building relationships and trust with prospects and clients requires a jaw-dropping amount of work. Once you’ve established your organization as a credible, reliable and legitimate source of information, don’t jeopardize your efforts with embarrassing spelling errors. Quality writing isn’t just for style junkies. If I were trying to earn your business and sent you marketing […]

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