The Truth About B2B Sales Right Now

Salesperson on Zoom Meeting

The past two months have been challenging for many business-to-business (B2B) companies’ sales. B2B buyers have primarily taken a wait-and-see approach to signing contracts, starting new projects and budgeting for the long term. The next few months likely won’t be easier, necessitating doubling down on targeted, problem-solving sales instead of transactional “spraying and praying” pitches. […]

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‘Be Focused, Not Frenzied’: Navigating Business Through Uncertainty

Uncertainty and Leadership Series Header - Steve Yastrow

Here, we feature Steve Yastrow, author of “Brand Harmony,” “We: The Ideal Customer Relationship” and “Ditch the Pitch.” He’s also president of Yastrow & Co., a Chicago-based consulting firm that helps companies improve their results by earning the dedicated commitment of their customers and employees. What advice do you have for business leaders who face […]

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No offense. Much taken.

offensive marketing campaigns

When it comes to marketing mistakes, internet justice is swift. The court of public opinion, comprised of hundreds of millions of jurors, is prepared at a moment’s notice to condemn, mock and shame any company that makes a catastrophic error in judgment. Even large corporations with sophisticated marketing programs and experienced professionals at the helm […]

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How to get the best work from your agency

Getting the best work from your agency and promotional efforts requires trust and time. Both sides need to communicate needs and goals and understand the give and take that is required to make a business partnership thrive. It’s a bit of a tightrope act — much like Nik Wallenda’s this past weekend — but successful […]

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What happens when spell-check can’t help (and what to do about it)

Building relationships and trust with prospects and clients requires a jaw-dropping amount of work. Once you’ve established your organization as a credible, reliable and legitimate source of information, don’t jeopardize your efforts with embarrassing spelling errors. Quality writing isn’t just for style junkies. If I were trying to earn your business and sent you marketing […]

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No-nonsense tips for running effective conference calls

I am more comfortable having face-to-face meetings. I love the visual clues that you gain from body language. The furrow in someone’s brow or a tilted head of engagement can tell you whether you are falling flat or hitting a home run. In today’s busy world, however, face-to-face meetings aren’t always feasible. Conference calls are […]

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How to turn mediocre copy into tantalizing content

We’ve all been there. You write the best blog post, ad, white paper, story or (fill in the blank) ever. And then someone dumps all over it. The red sea of edits and corrections makes you wonder what went wrong. The thrill is gone. But you can bring it back. Here’s how … Know the […]

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Short on cash? Cutting marketing will cost more than you think

When business is slow, everyone in the organization feels it — from the owner to the employees. Morale can go down the toilet and productivity often follows. The typical knee-jerk reaction is to halt discretionary spending, including marketing. Big mistake. This shortsighted view will cost you a lot more over the long haul than you’ll […]

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