Whoever said silence is golden didn’t work in customer service

Not answering the phone is bad customer service

One of my neighbors was grousing the other night about how he contacted four contractors to repair his gutters and none returned his calls. I feel his pain. When searching for photographers, sign companies, printers and other vendors, it surprises me how many businesses aren’t responsive. It’s new work and potentially a long-term partnership (more […]

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Neglecting customers could cost you

Congratulations! You made the sale. That hard-earned client you’ve been wooing for years finally said yes. What’s your next move? You work on closing the next prospect on your list – and then the one after that and the one after that. Sound good? Here’s the problem: You’re working so hard to attract new business […]

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6 foolproof tips for attracting and keeping customers

excellent customer service

Have you ever called a service-based business only to be treated like you’re patient zero in a zombie apocalypse? Imagine dialing We Pass the White Glove Test Housecleaning Co. and having this conversation: [Phone rings five times]: “Yeah?” “Is this Save My Dump Housecleaning?” “Yeah.” “I need help with spring cleaning. Do you offer this […]

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