Turning customers into brand advocates: Part 2 of 2

Every company has brand advocates. Even small companies can identify their advocates through a simple survey. For tips on how to do that, check out the first part of our brand advocacy series. You can also find enthusiastic customers on your Facebook page or other social media accounts.

Once you’ve found the customers who are singing your praises, then what? Here are some suggestions making the most out of your enthusiastic customers:

  • Get good reviews. Send your advocate a link to rate or review your company on Google, Yelp or another third-party site. Potential customers take these reviews seriously, and positive feedback from a trusted source can help your company edge ahead of the competition.
  • Ask for a testimonial. Ask your customers to share a few thoughts about their experience with your products, employees and company. You can use testimonials in future marketing campaigns, on your website or in advertising.
  • Make them an offer. Send them a coupon or a product sample and allow them to share the offer with friends.
  • Ask them to like your Facebook page. Once an advocate follows you on social media, your posts will show up on their feed. It’s another great way to reinforce brand loyalty.
  • Get feedback. Send them a survey or hold a focus group to learn what they like about your business. Their feedback will help you fine-tune your sales and marketing pitches for future customers.

When someone is passionate about a brand, they’re happy to recommend it and talk about their experiences. How do you make the most of your brand advocates? Let us know in the comments below.

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