The worst marketing mistake you don’t know you’re making

My least favorite childhood activity was reciting multiplication tables. My teacher would make us rehearse them over and over again. I’m sure it wasn’t her favorite exercise either, but she knew that repetition would drill them into our brains.

Once wasn’t enough. The same lesson applies to marketing. Can you recall a time when you were compelled to buy a product or use a company’s service based on a single ad or email blast? I didn’t think so. And yet organizations still believe they can convert prospects into clients and sales with one lonely postcard.

Big mistake.

Building buzz and staying top of mind requires an integrated marketing strategy that includes providing consistent and engaging content through multiple touch points. It’s the only way to sway an audience. Repeat anything often enough and it sticks. Repeat anything often enough and it sticks. Again: Repeat anything often enough and it sticks.

That’s what an outstanding marketing campaign does. Reaching out to prospects and customers regularly and through different channels, such as social media, blogs, email blasts, newsletters and ads, commands attention and embeds an organization in distracted minds.

How often is often enough? I wish I had the magic formula, but there isn’t one. Frequency varies from company to company, and depends on factors that include timing, business goals and where prospects are in the buying cycle. No matter how often a company publishes or where, it should always focus on quality. Poorly written and designed content isn’t memorable – and it’s certainly not persuasive.

I don’t have to recite multiplication tables anymore, but I still remember them.

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