The copy editor: Content’s superhero?

To get started, let’s review some key items that you need to accomplish as you create content for your business.

Content checklist:

  • Tap into experts and thought leaders when creating content for your company (easy if you know who they are).
  • Produce a variety of content that speaks to your audience in various stages of your sales lifecycle (easy if you have a formal content plan).
  • All content that is created should have editorial oversight (not easy unless you really know what you’re doing).

Let’s focus on the “not easy” part of this equation — editorial oversight.

What is editorial oversight?

Briefly, it’s ensuring that all the content pieces that are created for your company have a consistent voice and tone while also satisfying your marketing goals. This is no easy feat, so you need a content editor (aka content superhero) to fearlessly lead the way.

A content editor’s most impressive superpowers follow:

Power: Omniscience

A content team that has a strong editor at the wheel can fine-tune your company’s voice and help you reach your long-term communication goals. This do or die world of SEO, where content is king, demands that you adopt a dependable and trustworthy voice.

Your copy editor’s key role is to know everything there is to know — from voice and tone to audience makeup and Associated Press style rules. With the power of omniscience, copy editors make sure that all content contributors understand the rules and follow them. They ensure writers adhere to the unique voice that defines a company. They’re the final eyes that make sure all content produced is consistent, understandable and relevant.

Power: Invisibility

As you can imagine, managing an editorial workflow requires significant thought and time. Most of the effort occurs behind the scenes. It all starts with defining your content objectives (voice, tone and style guidelines) and finishes with a final editing and proofing pass to ensure that your readers are not being subjected to typos, missing punctuation and redundant information.

Copy editors also encourage content creators to push further and answer unasked questions. They ensure that all content is well-produced and showcases your credibility in understated and authoritative ways. The goal is to have the team produce content that educates and demonstrates thought leadership. They want you to stay engaged and read each piece from start to finish because it’s constructed well and guides you to a place of learning.

Do you admire any editors?  What superpowers do they possess? Let us know in the comments below.

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