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Hand writingTricky verbs test our team

Thanks to Jada, I actually had to look up the verb, shone, for the correct usage. Is this sentence correct?

We shone some light on the right choice for businesses’ power needs with this e-card for Chloride.

Hint: It’s not. Instead of  shone, it should be shined. Shone means to emit light. The sun shone brightly. Shine involves casting light. Shine the light on that window.

Adding to the confusion, irregular verbs, many of which require vowel changes or change of form as their tense changes, can be thorny. Do any of these look familiar?

Present Past Past participle
Choose Chose Chosen
Dive Dived Dived
Drink Drank Drunk
Lay Laid Laid
Lead Led Led
Lie Lay Lain
Rise Rose Risen
Spring Sprang Sprung

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