Plant some evergreens in your marketing landscape

Oktoberfest is over. Leaves have begun to fall. We’re preparing for the end of another year – and ramping up to our busiest season. As we deal with expiring budgets, rush projects and holiday travel schedules, creating content for regularly scheduled marketing pieces can get pushed to the back burner.

With a little bit of planning, however, blog posts, newsletters and website content can stay fresh even when other projects demand most of your attention. The solution: evergreen content.

Evergreen content stays relevant no matter when you publish – or when someone finds it on your site. That may not sound like much of a difference, but it could be the key to drawing more consistent traffic.

Think long-term

Creating a bank of evergreen content doesn’t have to happen all at once. Keep notes while you’re brainstorming ideas for posts and articles and create a running list of possible topics. After you’ve decided on a direction for the current project, take a few minutes to review the list and see if you could tweak any topics to use in the future.

For instance, instead of “Top fashion trends of fall 2015,” try “Versatile styles to get you through any season.” Regardless of whether you write the post right away or save it for later, it will be easier to fill a future space when you have a quality idea to fall back on.

Become go-to content

Part of the advantage to mixing evergreen content in with your usual timely material is that your site will stay relevant in search results. Instead of relying on current events to drive traffic, content like best practices, how-to guides, and tips and tricks will stay relevant for newcomers to the field.

Once you’ve drawn new visitors in with industry tips and other go-to content, keep them on your site by linking to other related evergreen content. That will establish you as a reliable resource, and visitors will likely spend more time on your site appreciating your work.

Do you use evergreen content to keep your website and other publications fresh and relevant? Let us know in the comments below.


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