In PR and in business, trust is key

One of the most crucial components of public relations is building trust. From communicating with a client to promoting your company to the public, trust is key to getting your message heard. So how do you establish that kind of foundation? Here are a few tips to help you build trust with your audience.

  • Be present. Whether you’re working with a client or a media source, being present is a great way to show that you are dedicated. Answer calls as quickly as possible, respond to emails in a timely fashion, and show up for meetings on time.
  • Work around their schedule. Between time zones, business travel and busy seasons, finding time to communicate can be tough. If your client’s schedule is completely different than yours, learn to compromise. Schedule calls when it’s convenient for them, and give them enough time to review materials — don’t send a press release at 4 p.m. and expect an approval that day.
  • Be open and honest. Ask your client how involved they would like to be, how often they would prefer for you to check in with them, or if a summary report would be helpful once or twice a month. This way, there are no mysteries, and you’re establishing yourself as their ally and partner.

How do you establish trust? Let us know in the comments below.

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