How to squeeze the boring out of your content

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Marketing for sleek companies that have impressive budgets and life-changing stories is a no-brainer. If your company makes elevators or auctions totaled cars, however, you may feel like you’re playing darts with spaghetti strands. Don’t worry; it’s not a lost cause.

Even if your business isn’t “sexy,” you can and should invest in marketing. Every organization has stories to tell. It’s how you share them that will prevent people from running for the exits or hitting the snooze button.

Try these tips for creating crave-worthy content:

  1. Give people what they want. Too often, companies share only what leadership thinks people ought to know instead of what people want. The result is safe and dull marketing full of company spin that no one reads. Drop the positioning and genuinely engage people. Give them a wealth of helpful information on subjects they’re interested in. What keeps them up at night? What solutions do you provide? If you’re not sure what they want, ask your sales team what questions prospects and customers are asking. Alternatively, survey your customers to discover their pain points, their needs, their interests and what content they’d like to see from you. The answers may surprise you.
  2. Tap your inner creative. You can create snappy 30-second videos and share them on social media and your YouTube channel. They’re a great way to stay connected with customers and to introduce your business to prospects. Be sure they’re relevant to your audience and your industry. Other options include creating easily accessible reports and educational assets, producing podcasts and exploring customers’ stories through blog posts. Make sure you have a kick-ass website that is chock-full of content that people want (see No. 1).
  3. Make it personal. Share real stories about real people at your company. Not only will it make your organization relatable, but it will also help people understand the who, what, when, where, why and how of your business. If you’re authentic, you’ll connect with people because they’ll appreciate what you do and what you stand for.
  4. Interview industry experts. They can provide insights about industry news and trends that you can then share with your prospects and customers. You’ll get bonus points if you tie interviews to the topics that piqued your customers’ interests when you surveyed them (see No. 1).
  5. Lighten up. Don’t be afraid to joke a little or share pop culture references, as Dave Argentar of The Simons Group did in this blog post about writing engaging content. Showing your human – and humorous – side will help you stand out in a sea of gray. You’ll engage people if you can be funny while maintaining your professionalism.
  6. Write like you talk. Don’t fluff up your content with jargon, business-speak and buzzwords. You’re the only one who thinks over-the-top language makes you sound important. Use “start” instead of “commence” and “buys” instead of “acquires.” Writing conversationally makes your content approachable and shareable.

What industry are you in? How do you make your content interesting? Let us know in the comments below.

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