How to get more mileage from your company news

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Online news wires are great for building brand equity. The look and feel of an official press release will always hold merit, and the journalistic nature of press release writing will challenge your team to convey company news – minus the marketing fluff. Press release distribution platforms are also catching up to the targeting and analytics that make digital marketing so valuable.

As reputable as sites like PR Newswire and PRWeb are, however, they represent only a sliver of what you can do with your company news. Don’t just upload a press release and call it a day. Turn your news into long-lasting, wide-reaching content by doing the following.


Repurposing is the gasoline that drives content marketing. You can simply repost your press release on your company blog, dateline and all, but it’s better to change up the language and format for the medium. Press releases are typically dry by default; in a blog article, you can be a little livelier with your language and bring in some of the marketing messaging that news wires disallow. You can then create an email blast that links to your blog to not only keep your audience in the know, but also drive them to your website.

Promote on social media (organic and paid)

A single blog article creates an ecosystem of content sharing. In addition to an email blast, you should share the blog created from your press release on any social networks where your company is active. Start with a regular wall or feed post, and then explore the options for paid advertising. A relatively small ad spend on social media can get a lot of eyes on your content, with precise targeting and digestible data.

Update your materials

The reason you wrote your original press release is because something changed within your company. This means you will likely need to update your digital and print materials accordingly. Brand management is one of the most common pain points for businesses of all types and sizes. Falling behind on making small updates to a company’s website and marketing materials can cause a business and its brand to grow apart. Eventually, the brand need a massive (and expensive!) overhaul to reflect where the business is now and where it plans to go in the future.

Shop around

Like just about everything else in the world, PR has gone digital. Consider pitching your company news to popular outlets in your industry. Most news sites welcome story and press release submissions, so long as you follow their guidelines. If your query letter is interesting, thoughtful and timely, you might have an opportunity to be featured in an article.

Go farther

Significant announcements call for creativity. For example, if you’re rolling out a product line, you might invest in video production to tell a story visually. Introducing a new executive? Capture her personality in a Q&A. I’m not saying that every piece of news is a bigger project in the making, but many topics lend themselves to different types of content that complement and expand on the traditional press release.

What tactics do you use to make your company news go farther? Let us know in the comments below.

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