Get prospects to “yes” with a lead nurturing campaign

In the digital age, prospects need to trust you before they’ll buy your products and services. A lead nurturing campaign is a straightforward way to develop this trust, beginning when potential buyers show interest by providing their emails in exchange for compelling content.

But getting emails is only the beginning. You want prospects to remember you when they’re filling out their purchase orders, and one way to do that is to follow up periodically using autoresponders, which are automated email messages that you schedule for specific times in response to prospect interest.

For example, you might create a landing page that promotes an ebook or a benefit-driven tip sheet for solving a common customer challenge. Include a form on the page that requires basic customer information, including names and email addresses. That’s all you need to start a lead nurturing campaign.

Keep the momentum going

The next step is to create an autoresponder series that triggers when someone completes the form on the landing page. In the first autoresponder email, you might thank them for downloading your content. In the next message, let them know how you can help them in other areas.

For example, you might offer webinars or other training. In subsequent autoresponders, you can ask for feedback about your products and services, encourage them to sign up for your newsletter or blog, and engage with them in other ways. Just make sure the content provides clear benefits and fresh messaging, including relevant offers to help your prospects be more receptive to follow-up emails.

One caveat: nothing will turn a lead off faster than acting needy, so timely communication is key. You don’t want to give them enough time to forget about you in this new world of short attention spans, but you don’t want to over-communicate, either. Treat your autoresponder follow-ups the way you would manage those in the traditional sales cycle, allowing two to four days between each new message.

Consider long term goals too

When someone completes the form on your landing page, they’ve already expressed an interest in your products and services, but the ultimate goal is to get them fully engaged. The next step might be scheduling a free consultation as a way to upgrade leads into prospects. An alternative is to generate more long-form content, or even a video on a relevant subject.

Bottom line: marketing automation is a proven process that generates measurable results. Following a logical series of steps enables your prospects to make better buying decisions, which positions them for future sales.

How did you approach your most successful lead nurturing campaign? Let us know in the comments below.

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