Get marketing mileage from your business’ birthday

Remember counting down the days until your birthday as a kid? Exciting things awaited, like the cake with your favorite cartoon character, the party with all your classmates, maybe even a new bike from your parents. For 24 hours, you were on top of the world.

While you may have eaten your last slice of Bugs Bunny-themed dessert, there’s still plenty of room for birthday celebration at your business. To many people, longevity in a company suggests integrity and trustworthiness, making a milestone year a huge marketing opportunity. Whether your company is turning 20 or 100, marketing your anniversary can help you reach new prospects, cement relationships with clients and boost employee morale – not a bad haul of birthday gifts.

Not sure where to start? Try these tips for getting people revved up about your business’ birthday.

Develop an anniversary logo and tagline. To reinforce your anniversary message in your day-to-day communications, create new branding and use it on your corporate stationery, calendars, ads, sales materials, newsletters, and any other internal or external collateral. Make sure your logo acknowledges the milestone while still reflecting your brand’s overall look.

Spread the news. It’s not every day a company turns 100 (or 75, or 50). Let the community know about your big year by sending a press release to your local news outlets. To up your chances of press coverage, highlight interesting company details – like if you’re the oldest printing shop in town, or your founder’s great-grandson now runs the business – and keep the release short and sweet.

Throw a party. When Berglund Construction celebrated its centennial last year, we helped the company organize a bash for its key clients and professional colleagues. The party was a fun way for Berglund to strengthen its industry relationships and thank its customers for their support over the years.

Get in touch with your roots. Whether you put together a commemorative book, a series of blog posts or an anniversary brochure, consider mining your business’ past to help spread the word about your anniversary and raise your profile. An added bonus? Compiling your company history will prevent factual errors in the future when you and your employees need to provide historical background on your business.

Give back to your customers. You wouldn’t have made it this far without your clients, so acknowledge them during your big year. While throwing a party is one way to say thanks, providing your customers with a free or discounted service, sending a thank-you e-card, or giving them a small gift, such as a desk item with your anniversary logo, are also effective ways to share the birthday love.

Don’t forget your employees. Give your employees the credit they deserve by hosting an anniversary event for them, whether it’s a company luncheon or a weekend picnic they can invite their families to. You can also get your employees invested in your business’ birthday by asking for their help in planning and executing your anniversary marketing efforts. Engaged employees mean less turnover, better performance and a bigger bottom line for you.

Get two for the price of one. Have a new project on the horizon? Timing it to coincide with your milestone anniversary will maximize your exposure. This is the year to launch that new product, open a new location or debut your new branding – all eyes will be on you.

Have more ideas for celebrating your business’ birthday in style? Let us know in the comments below.


2 thoughts on “Get marketing mileage from your business’ birthday

  1. Hi Lis,
    Great ideas. KCC will celebrate 40 years in 2013 so we should probably start thinking about our plans. Best, Gina

    1. Thanks, Gina! Happy early anniversary to KCC. We all look forward to helping you get the most out of your milestone next year!


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