Feeling stuck? 6 expert tips to spark your creativity

spark your creativity

No matter which area of marketing is your expertise, you’re bound to feel mentally “stuck” at some point. Marketers, website designers and copywriters are equally susceptible to creative dry spells. Check out these six expert tips on how to spark your creativity – one just might be your savior next time you’re struggling to produce fresh, inspirational ideas.

  1. We can benefit from thinking of creativity as a mental skill, according to Art Markman, a psychology and marketing professor. To sharpen your skill, try practicing openness and asking new questions continually. Allow new perspectives “to bring new information to mind that might help you solve the problem you face,” Markman writes in Fast Company.
  2. If you’re stuck in a creative rut, “a shift in your schedule might be just what the doctor ordered,” Marty Fukuda says in Entrepreneur. “Do you always visit the same news website?” he writes. “Watch the same morning show? Or read the same newspaper to start your day? Instead, go to a different site; flip the channel; or read a different paper. A fresh take and a different perspective may jog new thoughts and visions.”
  3. Psychotherapist Diana C. Pitaru recommends wiping the slate clean by doing nothing. But you don’t have to compromise a deadline. She advises starting with just 15 minutes to allow your mind to wander and “notice your thoughts (including the ones about your concerns) without actually engaging with them.”
  4. If you’re facing writer’s block, a mental escape from judgement could help. As Maria Konnikova writes for The New Yorker, “It’s useful to escape from external and internal judgment – by writing, for instance, in a dream diary, which you know will never be read – even if it’s only for a brief period.” Prolific author Graham Greene was a big believer in dream journaling, a type of writing that helped free him from conscious anxiety.
  5. In the Harvard Business Review, Priscilla Claman recommends enhancing your on-the-job creativity by looking for intersections. “A lot of creativity occurs at the crossroad of different people and different ideas,” she writes. “Look for places where your department intersects with other departments.” Jumping into a different workstream can adjust your perspective and light your creative fire.
  6. To spark creativity in your marketing plans, pay attention to what intrigues you. As Jayson DeMers writes for Inc., you shouldn’t disregard your own first-person perspective: “Did that bus ad get you to turn your head? Ask yourself why. Did that TV commercial stick in your mind for days? Ask yourself why. Take these elements and introduce them into your next campaign.”

What are your go-to methods for breaking out of a creative rut? Let us know in the comments below.

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