Create loyal customers with post-sale marketing

sales follow-up, sales tips, post-sale marketingYou’ve made a sale – the hard part is over, right? Wrong. The biggest mistake people make after closing a sale is to stop communicating with the customer. So, what’s the right thing to do once the sale is over?

Here are a few post-sale marketing tips to help create loyal customers.

  1. Keep the momentum going. Continue to build a strong, trusting relationship with your customers. You’ve spent time getting to know them and what they need, it’s all right to give them recommendations and advice.
  2. Show interest in their business. Keep in touch by subscribing to their newsletter and inviting them to subscribe to yours. Here is an opportunity to really get to know your customers and what goes on at their companies.
  3. Connect on more than work. Start an email list of your customers and send them holiday emails giving your best wishes to them and their family. You can even send a picture, story or work-appropriate joke.
  4. Respect their time. When you call – and you should call – ask if it is a good time to chat. Manners go a long way, so thank your customers for their time and business.

You can spend thousands on marketing campaigns to get prospects’ attention and nurture leads, so why not devote some resources to customer retention? It’s usually much cheaper to retain customers than to secure new ones. When you’re not following up with a call or email, you can also use your blog to educate customers, start a loyalty program or send out a survey to help learn more about and retain customers.

What are your methods for staying in touch and retaining customers? Tell us in the comments below.

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