Create a killer ad campaign and make your business irresistible with this 7-step formula

In any business, ads are important for brand awareness, engagement and survival. Even with a small adverting budget, you can maximize your customer reach by reinforcing your message. The key is to repeat the overall theme or tag line throughout your marketing program.

The more you repeat your advertising message, the stronger it becomes – and the more likely your customers will remember you when they’re in the market for your products and services. You can’t expect customers to flock to your business after placing one advertisement.


Follow this easy, seven-step formula for a successful ad campaign:

  1. Make it memorable. Creating a memorable ad that stands the test of time means developing an epic theme and tag line that showcase your company’s personality. Remember Nike’s “just do it” campaign?
  2. Write a benefit-driven headline. If you can address a common problem and tell people how your products and services solve that problem – meaning how they’ll benefit – you’ll be miles ahead of your competitors.
  3. Include a striking photo. The adage that a picture is worth a thousand words is true, especially when it comes to advertising.
  4. Get to the point. Less is more with advertising. Don’t crowd your ad with a ton of copy. For a print ad, be sure to include your company’s contact information. For an online ad, include a link to your website.
  5. Create a sense of urgency. If you’re promoting a product or service for a limited time, include the deadline. Action words, such as “get it now” and “don’t wait” are also effective, particularly if your offer is open-ended.
  6. Include a strong call to action. What does the reader do next? How do they contact you? What are they supposed to do if they’re interested?
  7. Make your logo prominent. If your audience gets only one thing from the ad, you want them to remember who you are.

Now that you have the ingredients for creating phenomenal ads, develop a placement schedule and stick to it.

What’s your process for delivering a killer ad campaign? Let us know in the comments below.

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