Create a following with copy that sticks

Letter pressTraditional advertising still does volumes in boosting brand awareness, but the influx of flashing lights, bold fonts and “Click here!” buttons leaves us all feeling bombarded by messaging that screams “Buy me! Buy me!”

We adapt to it like we do to any constant frequency, and accept it as ambient noise.

The remedy: content marketing. Content marketing, by definition, attracts, acquires and engages a clearly defined and understood target audience through generation of relevant and valuable content.

So, what does that have to do with writing?

Copywriting is the delivery system for all content marketing. It’s the SEO keywords that improve your search engine rankings. It’s your latest tweet or status update. It’s your quarterly newsletter. It’s every message that your company deliberately puts out into the world.

Generating the right audience-specific messaging is critical to the success of your content and showcases your company’s knowledge and accessibility.

Having a reliable, trained writer on your side will help your company stand out as a thought leader and a friendly information authority. How? Copywriters know how to connect with your audience.

Here are some pro tips you can use today:

Engage with content: Your audience is tired of hearing about you; start listening to their stories and use that as inspiration for content. Use a mix of traditional and topical information to show that your company is both knowledgeable and up-to-date on new trends.

Hook with headlines: In content marketing, the headline is your first call to action. Entice readers with headlines that quickly explain the content and get readers to follow your link. Good headlines will get your audience to check out all your forms of content – written, audio and visual.

Inform with body copy: Body copy could be a white paper, infographic notes or a video script. While it may seem contradictory, the purpose of this copy is not to directly sell your company’s products or services. Instead, prove to your audience that you not only care about their interests, but also that your company is an approachable authority on those subjects.

Build relationships with calls to action: Content marketing calls to action aren’t your standard “Buy now!” buttons, but they’re still critical to your success. Get your audience to take the next step in your relationship. Ask for their feedback. Link to related content so they can dive into your site. Use your analytics, your social media and your creativity to make your audience feel involved and heard.

Do you have writing tips for generating or promoting compelling content? Let us know in the comments below.

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