When to send case studies to prospects

using case studies

Case studies can engage prospects as you work toward converting them to active clients. When’s the ideal time to deploy them? Read on for the benefits to sharing your case studies at different points in the sales cycle. At the beginning Case studies are an excellent tool for introducing yourself to prospective customers. They offer […]

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How to get email responses from prospects

get email responses

For many salespeople, it’s easy to write impressive, long-winded emails, but difficult to get email responses from prospects. Emailing is a two-way street: Salespeople send emails to prospects with the expectation that recipients will read them and respond. But when they’re used to unresponsive prospects or clients, it can be easy for salespeople to treat […]

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2 tips for converting prospects into sales

sales communication tips

Prospects are more sophisticated than ever. Here are a few tips to make sure your sales communication works for converting prospects. Practice active listening Active listening is defined in relation to its counterpart, passive listening, which is waiting for your turn to talk. It’s obvious when it happens, and in a sales context it can […]

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Follow up fearlessly with this guide

If you have a good system in place for following up with your prospects, you’re already ahead of most salespeople. According to Hubspot and the LinkedIn Sales Solutions blog, 80 percent of sales occur during or after the fifth point of contact between seller and buyer. Unfortunately, Hubspot finds that 44 percent of salespeople give […]

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3 steps for effective selling

The traditional and incorrect view of the sales process as an underhanded, manipulative set of techniques for cajoling a prospect into spending too much money is outdated, with many thought leaders making only a general suggestion for salespeople to act like consultants. I think this suggestion is a little too general. Instead, an actionable goal […]

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Are you invested in customer service?

Listening to hold music is the biggest part of my day. In my time spent in the auditory waiting room, I’ve noticed that hold music is the only properly functioning part of some companies’ phone systems. For example, the directory listing for Joe Schmo ends up at Jane Doe’s voicemail box. Or pressing zero for […]

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