JMG Financial Group

JMG counts on collaboration



Strong client relationships are the foundation of JMG Financial Group’s service-oriented business. The wealth management firm communicates with clients regularly to maintain these bonds and provide value on a consistent, ongoing basis. JMG sought a creative agency that would help manage and produce professional client communications with minimal hand-holding and be sensitive to the compliance issues that can affect marketing in a highly regulated industry. The firm also wanted to add digital client communications to what historically have been print marketing initiatives.


The Simons Group helped JMG transition to an electronic client newsletter that features market trends, financial news and team member updates. The Simons Group also developed solutions to help JMG overcome compliance challenges related to sending the newsletters using a third-party email distribution service. Initially, JMG sent the newsletter internally using Microsoft® Outlook. In the meantime, The Simons Group selected an email distribution service that was sensitive to JMG’s needs and worked with the organization to resolve JMG’s concerns.

“Given the regulations in our industry, we faced unique challenges that other companies typically don’t have to worry about,” says Yonhee Gordon, principal and chief operating officer at JMG. “The Simons Group was proactive about researching our options and figuring out how we could rely on a third party for distribution.”

The Simons Group produces the now-quarterly e-newsletter while also managing the production schedule. This assistance is invaluable, Gordon says.

“We had a learning curve while moving from print to digital newsletters, but The Simons Group helped us get through it,” Gordon says. “Today, they make sure we’re working as efficiently and effectively as possible.”

Turnaround times for the newsletters are fast, but The Simons Group meets these recurring tight deadlines while delivering quality every step of the way.

The Simons Group also works hand in hand with JMG to craft digital and print communications that highlight the firm’s personal side. For a business that’s built on relationships, it’s important to share JMG’s values and culture creatively.

“We appreciate working with a marketing agency that understands our business,” Gordon says.


While Gordon provides a high-level vision of what she’s looking for with each project, The Simons Group brings it to life with ideation, copy and design. It’s a collaborative partnership anchored in trust and expertise.

“It’s not just we tell them what we want and they do it,” Gordon says. “They’re a resource for me. They look out for our interests, making suggestions for improvements and changes that would benefit our firm.”

The Simons Group is now working with JMG to enhance their branding complete with a refreshed logo and new digital presence. It’s one more area where the wealth management firm counts on The Simons Group for guidance.


  • Move to a mix of print and digital communications, reducing production costs and time
  • Appeal to a younger generation of clients than it had in the past
  • Develop solutions to address industry compliance issues

“It’s not just we tell them what we want and they do it. They’re a resource for me. They look out for our interests, making suggestions for improvements and changes that would benefit our firm.”

– Yonhee Gordon, Principal and Chief Operating Officer, JMG Financial Group