Insurance Auto Auctions

Quality content, trust define work for Insurance Auto Auctions


When Insurance Auto Auctions (IAA) contacted The Simons Group in 2006, the vehicle auction salvage company was growing rapidly, adding customers, locations and employees. At the time, Dan Oscarson, who is now IAA’s vice president of global market development, managed the firm’s marketing. He needed help from a creative agency that understood IAA’s business, goals and customers, and could manage high-level marketing with minimal hand-holding.


“We needed a partner who would get to know our business, our key people and the key messages we wanted to convey to our vehicle providers [insurance companies] and buyers,” he says. “Dawn [Wolfe] and The Simons Group team dove right in and learned quickly, making it easy for us to ramp up our marketing.” The writers at The Simons Group connected with and interviewed IAA executives, managers and customers throughout the United States. They also researched the auto salvage auction industry and IAA’s competitors. This deep dive approach enabled The Simons Group to manage IAA’s quarterly customer marketing while Oscarson focused on other initiatives. “Dawn and The Simons Group became an extension of my team,” Oscarson says. “I provided the topics, the slant and the sources, and I’d get quality content that resonated with our customers – all with a minimum of work on my part.”


Initially, The Simons Group managed a quarterly newsletter for IAA’s insurance company customers, including topic development, writing and design. The agency subsequently provided writing, design and coding for an e-newsletter for IAA’s vehicle buyers. The Simons Group also edited and coded IAA’s legislative updates for several years.

Early on, these initiatives helped IAA establish its brand nationally and helped unify the company. It also chronicled IAA’s history and growth, which is an excellent resource to have when looking back at how IAA became part of a Fortune 1000 company.

Today, Oscarson relies on The Simons Group to edit an IAA blog that showcases IAA’s international business. Ongoing content helps IAA’s U.S. employees understand international buyers’ needs, the challenges they face and how IAA helps these buyers purchase vehicles. The Simons Group edits Oscarson’s posts to ensure they’re consistent with IAA’s high-quality standards.

“Regardless of how clean I think the copy is, The Simons Group always makes constructive improvements,” Oscarson says. “In addition, Dawn and the team are always accessible and fast. Their response times are fantastic.”

Relying on an agency for marketing support allows busy executives to focus on mission-critical initiatives.


  • Establish a national brand
  • Unify locations and employees during a significant growth period
  • Demonstrate value for insurance company customers
  • Highlight the importance of its international business
  • Communicate in a consistent voice

“You can achieve efficiencies and economies of scale that aren’t possible when you keep everything in-house. It’s better when you can trust your agency to get it done.”

– Dan Oscarson, Vice President of Global Market Development, Insurance Auto Auctions