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Elevating a service-oriented company for a new generation


JMG Financial Group is an award-winning wealth management firm that serves clients in over 35 states. Since its founding in 1984, the firm has grown, based on lifelong client relationships and the continuity that comes from having advisors who spend the better part of their careers at JMG.

In its third generation of ownership, the firm moved its headquarters to a new, modern space. The future looked bright with continued growth and acquisitions, but the principals realized JMG had three fundamental branding problems.

First, the company name was based on an abbreviation of previous owners. The firm’s “JMG” logo didn’t identify its business or industry. Second, the firm’s dated identity and website did nothing to evoke the human feel and personality of JMG’s service-oriented, relationship-based business. Images on the website consisted primarily of stock photos and employee headshots that didn’t showcase the people element of the firm. In addition, the employee profiles were impersonal. Third, the firm’s new clients and employees were skewing younger than in the past. JMG needed to give this new generation the experience they expected for client acquisition and recruiting.


Having worked with JMG since 2015, we had insights into the branding issues the firm faced. We had spirited discussions with JMG about two approaches: refreshing the logo or creating a new firm name and reinventing the logo. We agreed we needed to honor the JMG of yesterday and refresh the logo, which included color exploration and adding the descriptor, “Financial Services.” We drew inspiration from JMG’s recently updated décor and furnishings to develop a color palette and an updated logo that embodied the firm’s personal and welcoming culture.

We also developed a mobile-friendly wealth management website to be immersive and engaging, conveying the firm’s personality and services in a compelling framework. Custom, full-screen brand photography sets the stage for a personal experience. The firm’s clients, prospects and prospective employees can get a feel for what JMG is all about and see the people who work there. Intriguing employee features and behind-the-scenes stories show that JMG is an exciting place to work.

As part of the rebranding, we made the news section of the site intuitive and sortable with custom color blocking and filters that make it easy for JMG’s audience to access content quickly. The news page also features insights and industry information that showcase JMG as a trusted advisor.

Throughout the process, we remained sensitive to the compliance issues that can affect marketing in a highly regulated industry.


JMG’s fresh look demonstrates the firm’s personal side and culture and underscores its service-based business. Clients count on JMG to make life simpler and easier for them and the new identity communicates that message in a powerful way. We continue to collaborate with JMG, helping the firm refine its brand for the future.

“It’s not just we tell them what we want and they do it. They’re a resource for me. They look out for our interests, making suggestions for improvements and changes that would benefit our firm.”

– Yonhee Gordon, Principal and Chief Operating Officer, JMG Financial Group


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