BWAY Corporation

Updated branding helps BWAY connect with new markets


BWAY (now Mauser Packaging Solutions) is one of the largest manufacturers of rigid metal, plastic and hybrid containers in North America. The packaging giant’s core customer base was historically industrial.  BWAY needed to break into the highly competitive consumer market to grow.

BWAY had major successes in consumer packaging, but these results were lost with its dated industrial-focused brand. When the company’s sales reps called consumer brand prospects, they hit a wall.

“Why are you calling me?” prospects often asked. “I checked out your website and you can’t help me.”

BWAY needed an image revamp, but senior leaders were nervous about alienating industrial customers while adding food service, consumer food, personal care and pet product packaging.


Speaking to two customer audiences who have different pain points and needs is no small feat. To be successful, we knew we had to get the messaging right. It would be the foundation of our yearlong branding and marketing initiatives.

A common theme that kept coming up during our conversations with BWAY’s leadership was that the company’s products were all around us in our daily lives. We began picking up plastic and metal packaging on store shelves and at home looking for the BWAY logo; taking and sharing spy photos of BWAY packaging in action; and stopping by hardware stores to admire plastic and metal containers. BWAY truly was everywhere, inspiring the tagline, “We’re everywhere you are.”

We then began messaging exercises using our proven journalistic approach to marketing, which included interviews and survey-based branding and messaging analyses of key staff and leadership. We supplemented them with third-party research and analytics that compared the BWAY brand to competitors. The goal was to develop messaging that tied the tagline to BWAY’s corporate, consumer and industrial audiences.

The messaging became the foundation of a strong, cohesive brand that tied all the elements of BWAY together and positioned the company as forward-thinking and mission-driven – the kind of place where marquee consumer and industrial customers want to bring their business.


We used these insights to develop audience-segmented materials that included a comprehensive content strategy, complete with audience messaging maps; and a new digital presence that spoke to consumer and industrial audiences equally. We incorporated this brand positioning in a digital and print system that included custom photography, as well as a consumer- and industrial-segmented website that featured a sortable product catalog. We also created product spec sheets, a PowerPoint template and a trade show booth. These efforts helped BWAY penetrate the consumer market without alienating its industrial audience.

By showcasing BWAY as a progressive, technology-driven manufacturer through updated digital and print branding, we reinforced the company’s position as a packaging leader.

Mood Board

Mood Board, updated branding for BWAY

Brand Standards

Brand Standards, updated branding for BWAY


Segmented Website, updated branding for BWAY

Spec Sheets

Spec Sheets, updated branding for BWAY