Berglund Construction

A construction brand built to last

How does a construction company honor it’s storied past while looking forward to its bright future? Berglund Construction, a fourth-gen­er­a­tion, family-owned and operated con­struc­tion and building restora­tion firm, was pondering this question when we began working with them well over a decade ago.



  • Berglund’s evolution outpaced its messaging and visual identity
  • The company wanted to create excitement around its 100th anniversary
  • Berglund sought to strengthen industry relationships and acknowledge customer support


  • Showcase Berglund’s customer satisfaction, people, stability, financial strength and diversity
  • Revitalize the brand without any major disruption
  • Stay top of mind with target audiences



As Berglund neared its 100th anniversary, we led a full-scale image revamp that conveyed its rock-solid reputation as well as its vision for the future. The rebrand involved much more than revamping the company’s logo.

We developed a yearlong rebranding, marketing and PR plan to generate excitement around the brand and, in turn, drove high attendance numbers to Berglund’s anniversary event. Success depended on event attendance, since that was the opportunity for Berglund to strengthen its industry relationships and thank its customers for their support.


Berglund understands the importance of standing out during competitive RFP processes and remaining top of mind with customers, partners and employees.

We infuse vitality into brands while maintaining their integrity and helping them reach new audiences. To that end, we help Berglund showcase customer satisfaction, people, stability, financial strength and diversity, all while honoring the branding we created for them more than a decade ago.



  • A decade-old rebrand that stands the test of time
  • Increased brand engagement:
    • 103% increase in website traffic (32,560 from 15,987)
    • 110% increase in page views (123,838 from 58,867)
  • Strengthened industry relationships:
    • 37.5% event attendance rate (1,200 invites, 450 event attendees)


    • Updated RFP messaging and visuals help Berglund stand out and keep up with a changing market
    • Direct mail helps Berglund stay top of mind and showcases what makes the company special – its people

“We have had an outstanding working relationship with The Simons Group for a number of years. While there have been a lot of special assignments, our favorite is the work they did to celebrate our 100-year anniversary. The group is highly accessible as well as creative and willing to help / step in with any assignment on a moment’s notice.”

– Fred Berglund President of Berglund Construction