Basic Concepts Inc.

Highlighting Expanded Product Line

The Challenge

BCI is the leading source of quality storage, handling and safety containment products. These products include safety storage equipment for hazardous materials, and environmental protection spill containment devices. After significantly expanding its product portfolio, BCI needed a new catalog that showcased its comprehensive product line. The creative process included combining disparate content from previous catalogs and giving it a fresh, cohesive look and incorporating the new products into the updated layout. BCI needed the catalog project completed on a tight timeline.

The Approach

From start to finish, coordination and communication with the BCI team was crucial. We established weekly status calls and emails to ensure that everyone was on the same page. In addition, we referred to a comprehensive client provided spreadsheet to track all the moving parts in the catalog. We maintained and followed this closely to ensure that each product, description and photo was on the correct page.

As we added the new safety cans, cabinets and storage lockers to the catalogs, one of the biggest challenges was maintaining a consistent writing style. The original product descriptions were written in different styles, and it was important that the end product was uniform. We reviewed the client-provided copy and decided on one format to use across the board. From there, we rewrote and edited the product descriptions to align with the approved format.

The new design aligns with BCI’s current branding and highlights the company’s expanded containment solutions with eye-catching photos, lots of white space and an easy-to-read-font. The face-lift gives the new and existing products the attention they deserve while appealing to the target audience.

The Results

Despite a tight turnaround, The Simons Group hit deadlines ahead of schedule and delivered the 48-page catalog on time.

“The BCI catalog came together very nicely. We appreciate the organization and diligence by The Simons Group in wrangling this project. With your help, the project came to fruition on a tight timeframe, and this has helped us move our business forward. Great job!”

– Ben Wilbert, Director of Marketing, Basic Concepts Inc.


Catalog Development