Breakthrough tips for your public relations

In any industry, there are days when everything goes your way and days when it seems a bit tougher to reach your goals. When those tough days hit, it’s good to have a few tricks up your sleeves to make sure public relations initiatives stay on track. Here are a few of the latest industry tips.

Publicize your company’s good deeds. Does your workforce give back to the community? Is your team supporting charitable causes? Don’t be shy about letting people know the wonderful things your organization does for others. It may seem like you’re just tooting your own horn, but good deeds resonate with the public – and people will commend you for them. Plus, your outreach efforts might be newsworthy enough to get picked up by local media!

Keep track of the news and current events. This gives you insight into what people are talking about, concerned about and what the future landscape of your industry looks like. Keep an eye on top magazines, journals or social media accounts that touch upon your mission or brand. However, when pitching, don’t integrate your brand into the top stories of the day. Yes, your brand is important but it may not make sense to integrate your pitch with the presidential primaries.

Be courteous with follow-ups. Sometimes we’re so inundated with emails and voicemails that it’s not possible to get back to everyone right away. Whether it’s journalists, business contacts or colleagues, no response doesn’t mean they’re not interested. Don’t get discouraged! If you have done your research and know you’re trying to reach the right person with your inquiry, be sure to check in again a few days later. It’s important to respect your contacts’ time, however, so limit yourself to two or three follow-ups.

What public relations tricks do you recommend? Let us know in the comments!

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