The biggest mistake you’re making in your website content

Here’s a quick test: Go to the home page of your website and read the first sentence or phrase. Does it start with “We”? If so, it’s time to change your perspective.

Just like your eyes glaze over when your date drones on about his latest juice cleanse, a prospect will lose interest fast in a self-centered company. You may think you’re providing your readers with helpful information, but simply listing your company’s qualities and product features in exhaustive detail isn’t going to cut it.

To connect with your audience, put yourself in their shoes – it’s about them, not you. Here’s a guide to writing content that turns prospects into customers.

  1. Focus on their needs. What problems are your customers trying to solve? How does your solution meet their needs? Identify the top two or three things you can do for clients, whether it’s save them time through automation software or satisfy their hunger with a delicious pizza, and lead with those in your content.

Bonus tip: Back up your claims with success stories or testimonials from other clients when possible. Hearing a third party sing your praises is much more convincing.

  1. Use active language. Consider this sentence: “Our financial services firm draws on its wealth of experience to create customized plans for our clients.” It’s all about the company, not about the customers it’s trying to reach.

Now try it this way: “Secure your family’s financial future by partnering with our experienced managers to create a wealth management plan.” Clear, personal and empowering.

Bonus tip: Get to the point. Two to three sentences per paragraph are plenty.

  1. Make the call to action clear. Once a prospect has read your persuasive prose, what do you want them to do? Fill out a form? Sign up for your newsletter? Make the path to conversion obvious and compelling by spelling it out.

Bonus tip: If you’re directing prospects to a form, keep it short. According to this Unbounce post, one company saw a 120 percent spike in submissions by reducing its form fields from 11 to four.

What are your best techniques for writing compelling site content? Let us know in the comments below!

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