Beat blogger’s block with 4 tips

QuestionAs you develop an identity for your blog, consider some offbeat options or creative ways to present your content. Keep a list of topics handy when you begin to write so you don’t struggle for content at the last minute.

Here are some ideas you can use immediately:

1. Stand out from your competitors by taking a fresh view. For example, one company posted a blog for an engineer in the perspective of a guide dog. The dog talked about what the engineer did throughout the day. You can also keep things interesting with video, audio, infographics, pictures and links.

2. Make the customer a hero. Write a story that explains how a customer used your products or services to save the day.

3. Satisfy inquiring minds. You know what people ask, so be proactive and answer the questions in detail. You can post one question and answer each week to get more mileage from your blog. Capture readers’ attention by making each question the headline.

4. Showcase your employees. Introduce the team and what they do. Inject personality by including their favorite quotes, sports teams, foods, etc. Here’s an example of how to have fun with employee profiles.

Blogs are a way of expressing yourself. Tell your readers what you feel and what you’ve experienced. Teach them something about your company or share a unique perspective on a topic. Get more blogging tips here and here.

How do you keep the blog content machine going? Let us know in the comments below.

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