All right, people: Let’s talk turkey

It’s the end of November already, which means that Chicagoans are nearly ready for hibernation. Before we settle into our assorted layers of winter weatherproofing, however, we’ll warm Thanksgiving, turkey, talk turkeyourselves with the gratitude, love and tradition that come with our annual turkey feast.

Thanksgiving is a time of reflection; a time for us to look at our lives and appreciate all that we have. It can be a challenge for many companies, including ours, to take a step back at this time of year. Rush projects need to be complete by year’s end. Holiday gatherings double as launch parties. Budgets threaten to expire and the days feel increasingly shorter.

That’s why we at The Simons Group make an effort to keep a balance of creativity, convention and chaos throughout the holiday season. In all this year-end craziness, striking that balance allows us to be grateful for our looming deadlines and long hours. It means we’ve spent another year doing what we love to do.

As always, we’d like to take this time to show our appreciation for our clients, co-workers, family and friends. All of you help to keep our projects successful, and we truly wouldn’t be the same without you.

Whatever your plans are for this Thanksgiving, we hope you have time to step back from the daily grind and acknowledge the good things in your work, home and community.

Our favorite way to show our appreciation during our busiest time of year is to work on projects that involve the whole office. From brainstorming to production, each one of us has a hand in the holiday cards we send out. So, while you’re waiting patiently for the feast to begin, watch this free full episode of “TSG: Holiday Files” to find out what our turkey is up to this year.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at The Simons Group!


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