5 tips to sell your big ideas to the bigwigs

When a big idea hits, getting the go-ahead from management can make the difference between a career-defining project and the recycling bin. No one wants to work hard to set up a new marketing project only to have management hit the brakes before it takes off. Here’s some advice on how to sell your ideas internally and transform them into completed projects.

  1. Define your project scope and goals clearly. Spell out the project in a way that is easy to read and explains your plan from start to finish, including ways to measure its success. Anticipate questions that management might have and answer them when you present the project for consideration.
  1. Set realistic goals and timelines. Break down the project into phases and set deadlines for each task to anchor the project completion date. Show how you’ll keep track of progress and how different phases will affect one another. This will help you stay on track and within budget.
  1. Make sure everyone is on the same page. From senior management to assistants, all team members should understand their roles and responsibilities. Setting clear expectations for the team will help to garner support for your idea and make the project successful.
  1. Identify potential challenges and ways to overcome them. Being upfront about potential problems or obstacles will give management more confidence in the success of a specific marketing project. Accounting for potential issues and project variables shows that you’re thinking about the big picture.
  1. Rank your project. Show management where your idea fits into the company’s strategy and other timelines. Are there other initiatives you could tie into your execution? Knowing how your project fits into the company’s marketing mix can make their decision easier.

Do you have any tips for getting management to approve your marketing projects? Let us know in the comments below.

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