5 Questions Every B2B Marketer Must Answer

For a long time, B2B marketers were completely focused on inbound marketing. They invested all of their marketing dollars into developing engaging content that clearly illustrated what their firms offered. They waited for potential clients to discover their content and hire them.

Reality check: “Build it and they will come” doesn’t work in today’s digital landscape.

You can’t generate leads for your business without driving traffic to your website. And you can’t drive traffic to your website without a clear outbound marketing strategy.

Figuring out where to invest your budget to generate leads can be overwhelming. A successful B2B marketing strategy must include inbound and outbound marketing strategies that complement each other.

Answer these five questions to build a comprehensive marketing plan:

  1. Who are your customers?

The first step to creating any marketing program is figuring out who you want to reach. The more you understand your customers, the more successful your marketing programs will be.

  1. What’s your message?

Tie your messaging to your customers’ problems. Show prospects that you understand and can solve their problems.

  1. How will you convey your message?

This is when you plan your outbound marketing campaign. Identify where your prospective customers are engaging and figure out how to get your company into those places. What magazines do they read? What events do they attend? What associations are they a part of? This process will help you identify the most effective marketing channels for your business.

  1. How will you convert prospects into leads?

This is when you plan your inbound marketing campaign. Every company needs a clear plan for turning website visitors into business leads. Get the right message in front of prospects and have a clear call to action that captures information about their businesses.

  1. How will you convert prospects into customers?

This last step connects your outbound and inbound marketing efforts in a way that will drive sales. Every B2B marketer needs a plan for converting prospects into customers.

Have you created a holistic marketing plan for your business that includes inbound and outbound marketing? What lessons did you learn? Let us know in the comments below.

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